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The Semi-Official
Air Mail Stamps of Canada

Semi-Official Stamps
  The Era
  The Airline Locations
  Pioneer Air Mails
  Laurentide Air Service
  Northern Air Service
  Elliot Air Services
  Patricia Airways And Exploration
  Western Canada Airways
  Yukon Airways
  Patricia Airways Limited
  British Columbia Airways
  Klondike Airways Limited
  Cherry Red Airline
  Commercial Airways
  Canadian Airways
  A Rare Pioneer Find!
  About Amelia Earhart
  Sample Mail Contract
  About "Wop" May
  About A.C. Roessler
  Philatelic Glossary

Contacts and Credits

Peter Bulloch (me)
I am not looking for any credit as I have simply assembled a ton of stuff previously published by the players below. However, if you wish to contact me, that is something I would certainly welcome. If you have relevant items that you can scan and send me, even better. I live outside of Toronto, Canada and my email is
The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada 1918-1934
This extraordinary book was the inspiration for this site. It was written by C.A. Longworth-Dames in 1995 and published by The Unitrade Press, Toronto, Canada. With wonderful narrative, photos and philatelic memorabilia, this book offers a vivid account of the bush pilots and their pivotal role in delivery mail to Canada's North. Available at

The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland
This highly respected book takes a leadership role in exploring all aspects of aero philately.  The section on Canadian Semi-Official Stamps and Vignettes, edited by Murray Heifetz, has particular value since so much of the detail was based on Mr Heifetz's extraordinary philatelic collection.  Available at
Yukon Airways and Exploration Company Limited
An extraordinary detailed overview of both the history and stamps of the Yukon Airways, privately printed in 1996 by William Topping, 7430 Angus Drive, Vancouver, BC, V6P 5K2, CA. This and other publications are listed at:
The Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
This catalogue is the de facto standard for Canadian stamps.  Published by The Unitrade Press, Toronto, Canada.  This site relies heavily on the Air Post Semi-Official section, editted by E.S.J. van Dam. Available at
Larry Grossman
Larry, belongs to that small group of dedicated, hard working, full time stamp merchants (Sleeping Giant Stamps).  He has been particularly important to my study and collection of Canadian philately and brokered the sale of the great Heifetz Semi-Official collection.
Murray Heifetz
Key elements of this site came from the collection of Murray Heifetz which I was fortunate to acquire in 2001.  Murray was one the most respected authorities of aerophilately and was very generous with his advice. He passed away in 2012.
E.S.J. van Dam
Erling van Dam is a serious retailer of Canadian stamps, catalogues and related ephemera. You can contact Erling at E.S.J. van Dam Ltd., Box 300, Bridgenorth, K0L 1H0, ON, Canada or access him via