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The Semi-Official
Air Mail Stamps of Canada

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Northern Air Service Limited (1925)

With the suspension of flights to the Rouyn goldfields by Laurentide Air Service in Jan 1925, the way was left open for other operators to enter the field.

It was not long before a new company emerged to take over the route and in May Northern Air Service was formed by B.W. Broatch, a former Laurentide pilot.

Establishing its base at Haileybury, the new company acquired two of the former airline's Curtiss HS-2L flying-boats, with which it intended to begin regular air services during the summer.


Dot on left of central monogram

Normal issue
Blue dot at left

The first official airmail flight took place on Jun 27 1925 after which a regular service was provided five time per week. Flights were maintained until Oct 22 1925 when one of the flying-boats was destroyed by fire after a wing fabric ignited following an engine backfire.  The loss of this aircraft caused severe financial loss and it was obliged to close down.  During the summer season, Northern Air Service made some 212 flights and carried 503 passengers and 22,580 pounds of freight, in addition to 1,030 pounds of mail.
One of two Curtiss HS-2L flying boats operated by Northern Air Service in 1925.

N.A.C., Ottawa (2178)
The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada 1918-1934


The following cachets were applied in purple ink
depending on the direction of the flight.
The top two at left were used on a experimental flight flown by B.W. Broatch and only eight covers were carried in each direction.  Flight occurred on May 19th 1925 before the issue of the semi-official stamp.

The single line cachet was applied to approx 50 covers not signed by the pilot.  This cover commands a 50% premium.

The more common 3 line cachet was applied to approx 450 covers of which approx 400 were signed by the pilot.