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British Columbia Airways Limited 1928

While negotiations were underway with the Post Office to obtain a contract to carry mail between Victoria and Vancouver, the company commenced operations by forming a flying school and placed an order for a Ford Tri-motor (below) in order to open an air service between Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle.

In August 25, 1928, the Tri-motor was lost when it plunged into the Strait of Juan de Fuca while flying through dense smoke from a forest fire. The pilot, Harold Walker and the co-pilot, R.L. Carson, and five passengers were all killed in the crash.

The ill-fated Ford Tri-motor of British Columbia Airways at Lansdowne aerodrome, Victoria, in July 1928.
(Provincial Archives of British Columbia, Victoria 76745)
The Pioneer and Semi-Official Air Mails of Canada 1918-1934

Original Airline Tickets
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I found this little item on the web for $15 - an original British Columbia Airways ticket.  Click on ticket above and notice the front section where the date is pre-printed as "192_".  The back gives you a sense of the rules and regulations of the time.