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The Semi-Official
Air Mail Stamps of Canada

Semi-Official Stamps
  The Era
  The Airline Locations
  Pioneer Air Mails
  Laurentide Air Service
  Northern Air Service
  Elliot Air Services
  Patricia Airways And Exploration
  Western Canada Airways
  Yukon Airways
  Patricia Airways Limited
  British Columbia Airways
  Klondike Airways Limited
  Cherry Red Airline
  Commercial Airways
  Canadian Airways
  A Rare Pioneer Find!
  About Amelia Earhart
  Sample Mail Contract
  About "Wop" May
  About A.C. Roessler
  Philatelic Glossary
In 1904 the young Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the throne of England, received a telephone call from his aid, Sir Arthur Davidson, who asked: "Did you happen to see in the papers that some damned fool has paid fourteen hundred pounds for one stamp?"

Back came the restrained tones of the future George V: "I was that damned fool."

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